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Item ID: 6127-88

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4+ $10.81 each

Mop Wringer - Mopping Buckets

Mop Wringer

Rubbermaid Wringer® for all size mops. 24 lb. YELLOW

Price: $100.86 each
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Item ID: 7570-88

Quantity Discount
4+ $8.27 each

Quart Bucket - Mopping_Buckets

Quart Bucket

Rubbermaid 26-35 qt. bucket. Superstrong, chemicals or germicidals will not affect the finish. 13 lb. YELLOW.

Price: $77.13 each
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Item ID: 7580-88

Mopping Bucket - Mopping_Buckets

Mopping Bucket

Rubbermaid 35 qt. combination wringer, bucket. Premium tubular steel and structural web molded plastic. High Performance system lasts 48 times longer than comparable wringers.

Price: $108.91 each
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