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Item ID: 28-EM

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12+ Mats $17.85 /mat
6-11 Mats $8.90 /mat

Electra Floor Heating Mat - Heaters

Electra Floor Heating Mat

14" x 21" x 3/8" - one size only. For discomfort of cold feet. Conserves energy. Plugs in to a standard 110-volt outlet. Provides uniform heat to warm cold feet. Consumes less energy than a 100-watt light bulb. Not for use with animals.

Price: $71.50 each
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Item ID: CL

Under Desk Heater

Cozy Legs™ provides uniform warmth with no hot spots or perspiring feet. Plugs into any ordinary outlet. Beige. Size is 16" x 22" x 1".

Price: $87.95 /each
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Under Desk Heater Stand

Cozy Legs™ wire stand supports the under-desk heater.

Price: $20.00 /each
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